At the outset, we take the privilege of introducing ourselves as an approved custom house agent at Mumbai, Bangalore, Chennai & Mangalore holding a valid custom house agent license issued by the commissioner of customs. We are dealing with several cargoes of exports & imports under different tax schemes such as 100% EOU, DEEC, DEPB, EPCG etc. at sea/air/icd customs. Our establishment is purely service oriented provides you the best customs care. It is working under the efficient supervision of its head and each of the crew holds responsibility of their assignment. Every one of our organizations is well trained in the field having several years of experience and well versed in different government schemes being notified or amended by the government from time to time. Our head office at Bombay is one of the leading cargo handlers at Bombay customs.

We have in our clientele; a number of blue chip companies which will vouch for our promptness, efficiency, ability and professional handling of consignment.

We are exclusively devoted to the service of the Importer/Exporter. We are well abreast with the latest tariffs, government policies towards the liberalization process and its amendments etc.

We have been maintaining very good rapport with the concerned authorities, such as Custom, STPI, port steamer agents Airlines and other connected government bodies and all this only reinforces our position as the Relationship Specialists.

To say about our infrastructure, we have a well and sophisticated office in the posh area both at Bombay and Bangalore City. We are providing an excellent handling and transportation for your cargoes. Besides, our adequate communication skill will help out in exchanging messages with superlative mode of communications whatsoever is available in this emerging information era. we are well equipped with modern technique as Computer online filing, documentation, executing tracking etcetera.

Besides our service, we offer a cost effective package and competitive tariff. We are even prepared to enter into a long-term contact for clearing and forwarding work.

We have generated a transparent accounting system with our clients for lucid transaction

We hope that these features possessed by our Organization, you should be confident of Our performance and services, which would be result, oriented.